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Providing 1-on-1 Tutoring for the California Bar Exam

Preparing for the July California Bar Exam can be a daunting task – but you don’t have to approach it alone! After passing the July California Bar Exam on my first attempt in 2004, I started working as a California Bar Exam tutor in 2005. With a background in legal education, I have extensive experience in teaching Bar applicants how to prepare for and pass the California Bar Exam.

The July California bar exam is right around the corner. Prepare to pass the California bar exam with one-on-one bar exam tutoring. www.freepik.comSince 2017, the July California Bar Exam has consisted of three parts: 5 essays, 1 performance test, and 200 multiple choice questions. California Bar Exam tutoring can help with all aspects of Bar preparation, such as: creating and maintaining a realistic Bar preparation schedule, simplifying difficult or confusing topics of substantive law, improving one’s performance on each section of the test, and learning how to communicate the style of legal analysis expected by the California Bar graders. Whether you have failed the California Bar Exam, or if you are taking it for the first time, I’m excited to help you prepare for and pass the July Bar exam so you can reach the next chapter in your legal career!

If you failed the California Bar Exam, I offer a free review of your score report to help you better understand it and where your score places you relative to your goal of passing the next exam.

The links above should answer most of your questions about California Bar Exam tutoring. If you have more questions, or if you’d like a free consultation to discuss my services and how I can help you, please contact me at ​daniel@tutoringbydaniel.com
or (415) 254-2606.

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Additional excerpts from student testimonials about my California Bar Exam tutoring:

“I would recommend Daniel highly to anyone who wants to get serious about taking the exam, and anyone who is looking for a personalized, hands-on approach to studying for the Bar.”

“His specific and detailed comments on what was missing in the analysis in my essays helped me see the mistakes that I was repeatedly making.”

“Daniel provided me with all the personalized attention I needed and much more.”

“He is a straight-shooter in the dodgy market of Bar exam tutors.”

“Daniel was always available when I needed him to be. I never felt as if he were too busy with other students to give me the help I needed.”

“I worked with Daniel while taking Barbri, and found him to be a great supplement to their program.”

Whether you have failed the California bar exam, or are working to pass the California bar exam, I provide one on one tutoring to help you pass the California bar exam.