Tutoring by Daniel

Providing 1-on-1 Tutoring for the California Bar Exam

Bar Exam Tutoring Services Offered

I offer help with every aspect of California Bar Exam preparation, including:

  • Providing clear, detailed, and actionable feedback and advice on practice written exams
  • Improving legal writing and analysis skills for the essays
  • Perfecting a performance test approach for managing the materials given and assembling the most important information into a solid answer
  • Managing all the practice required for passing the MBE
  • Overcoming problems with substantive law and simplifying confusing concepts
  • Handling a large volume of study materials as well as creating some of your own study aids
  • Managing your preparation time effectively to give appropriate attention to comprehension of the law, memorization of rules, and practice applying the law on essays, performance tests, and the MBE
  • Dealing with the stress of Bar Exam preparation
  • Need help with something you don’t see here? Just ask!
Passing the California Bar Exam can prove difficult for some. I am here to provide one on one bar exam tutoring for those that have yet to take the bar exam, or if you have failed the California bar exam.