Tutoring by Daniel

Providing 1-on-1 Tutoring for the California Bar Exam

If you failed the California Bar Exam, it can be a great shock. Indeed, many find that passing the exam is the first academic goal they failed to achieve on their first try. This experience is both disappointing and frustrating. However, even if you failed the California Bar Exam, don’t let that be the end of the road for you! Most students who work with me pass on their very next attempt.

Failed the California bar exam? I can help with one-on-one tutoring to help you pass the July California bar exam.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-in-red-t-shirt-looking-at-her-laptop-3755761/Some applicants worry that a failed California Bar Exam will lead to a stigma that will follow them into their career. Although this concern is perfectly understandable, the good news is that this fear will not come true. A common sentiment among practicing attorneys is that this exam is an unnecessarily difficult task and does not truly reflect whether an applicant is ready to practice law. You can be confident that once you pass the Bar, no one will ever wonder nor inquire whether you passed or failed on your first attempt.

Another concern applicants share after a failed California Bar Exam is that their score is somehow representative of their capabilities. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, an applicant’s score reflects how well their knowledge and skills match the Bar Examiners’ requirements. By learning what they are looking for and how to perform in line with their expectations, passing the Bar becomes a much more manageable task.