Tutoring by Daniel

Providing 1-on-1 Tutoring for the California Bar Exam


Have you passed the California Bar?
Yes. I passed on my first attempt in July 2004.

What services do you offer?
Please see the Services page on this website.

Does every student get the exact same assignments?
No. Although each student starts off with a similar schedule, once an individual’s unique needs reveal themselves, I tailor their assignments to work on those needs. The assignments each student receives can be modified based on their skills, concerns, strengths, and weaknesses.

Do I have to be in San Francisco to work with you?
No. I work with students located throughout the country. All meetings are held over the phone. Submissions are all handled through email and Dropbox.

Why should I work with you instead of someone else?
I am unable to comment on other tutoring services because I have not worked with any of them on a professional level. I can, however, tell you why I make such a great tutor. By only working with students in a one-on-one capacity, I get to know each student’s unique needs and concerns.

If you don’t understand a concept I’ve explained, I will continue to illustrate it with different examples to ensure you learn what you need to. I will not talk down to you, nor will I lecture you. I will clearly convey what needs to change or improve for you to pass the Bar. Having this kind of dialogue helps you to feel comfortable asking me questions, and it enables me to tell whether you understand what I am trying to teach.

Finally, all the work performed for you is done by myself. I do not have anyone else, like a less-experienced consultant or employee, doing my work. When you work with me, you can feel confident that you are getting top-notch, personalized service.

I have noticed that other tutors have trademarked “Methods” for teaching. Do you have one?
No, I do not have a “Method” for teaching my students. A “Method” suggests that there is only one way to teach a student. I do not believe that education is “One Size Fits All.” I have worked with a variety of students: students from first-tier law schools, students from third-tier law schools, first-time test takers, repeat test takers, students with learning differences, attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions, etc. My experience has taught me that to be a highly effective tutor, I must adjust my teaching to be compatible with each student’s particular needs. A “Method” does not allow for this kind of flexibility.