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California Bar Exam Tutoring Testimonials

By offering only one-on-one tutoring, I am able to develop a positive, helpful relationship with each of my students. Working so closely with my students allows me to give personalized feedback and advice based on their particular needs.

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Daniel K, Esq.

“Daniel’s attention to detail and ability to zero in on the most important information was critical in helping me pass the Bar. In addition to helping with the traditional aspects of Bar prep, he was also great at summarizing each change the California Bar made to the exam due to COVID. Knowing that he was looking out for me allowed me to focus my attention on what really mattered: my preparation.”

Matt Springsman, Esq.

“The hardest part about taking the bar a second time was maintaining the focus and motivation needed to push through the work. Daniel gave me the structure, discipline and the plan I needed in order to pass. Without the roadmap and direction that Daniel gave me I believe I would have repeated the same mistakes I made on my first time around. He forced me to confront my weaknesses, correct my flaws in essay writing, and he reminded me when I was reverting back to my bad habits. I believe he was a major part of my success. I highly recommend him.”

Ann K. Cun, Esq.

“Before signing up with Daniel, I had looked into bar tutorial services. After attending the introductory classes for both Bar Passers and BarBri’s Essay Advantage, I left feeling like the programs lacked the personal interaction and attention that I wanted and needed.

Daniel, on the other hand, provided me with all the personalized attention I needed and much more. He worked with me to create a personalized daily study schedule, which we revisited every week to see if it was working for me. Daniel also personally read and reviewed over 40 essays and performance tests that I had written. He was always very realistic and forthright if he felt I did not demonstrate a mastery of a particular area of law. As a licensed attorney having passed the bar himself, Daniel was able to clarify substantive areas of the law. When I made progress or showed a strong command of the law, he also made sure to praise and highlight these strengths. This was important to keep me positively focused throughout this rigorous process.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of Daniel’s tutoring skills was his humanistic approach. Of course, if I needed advice on how to approach an essay topic, or how to organize my arguments, he was there. However, Daniel also listened to me vent, express my anxiety, my fears and my concerns about this process. He was also very flexible with our meeting times. During our sessions, he always gave me his undivided 100% effort and attention. I could not have asked for a better tutor and I don’t think I would have received the same level of service from other tutorial programs.

When I passed the bar exam, Daniel was the very first person I called. I could not have done it without him.”

Rori Robinson, Esq.

“I passed the Bar exam on my second attempt, thanks to Daniel. The first time I prepared I took Bar/Bri and PMBR just like everyone else. The second time I felt I needed to do something differently. I was referred to Daniel and found him to be exactly what I needed. He helped me to structure my time by creating an overall “big picture calendar” yet he helped me to come up with a daily schedule as well. His one on one tutoring and line by line editing of my essays and performance exams really made me recognize the subtle changes that needed to be made to appease the Bar graders as well as my strengths and weaknesses in that specific area of the law. He was flexible with scheduling yet held me accountable. He encouraged me throughout and got me to stop feeling sorry for myself so that I could achieve the task at hand. Overall, I would recommend Daniel to anyone who wants to learn to write a passing essay or performance test answer.”

Samantha Williams, Esq.

“Since I was a second-time Bar taker, I was looking for a tutor who would help me find a different, more personalized, yet still thorough, approach to studying for the Bar than is offered by all the pre-packaged Bar review courses that are out there. I eventually found Daniel through a mutual friend, and from the very first meeting, Daniel proved himself an adept tutor. Daniel made me feel immediately comfortable, and best of all, he helped me get over the period of low self-esteem I was experiencing after failing the Bar the first time. I studied with Daniel for 3 months, and I felt continuously encouraged, supported, and challenged. What I valued most about working with Daniel was his subtle way of getting me to push myself harder. Instead of acting the enforcer himself, Daniel encouraged me to find it within myself to set realistic goals. This method kept me motivated up to the very last day of the Bar Exam. When the exam rolled around, I felt prepared, confident, and best of all, relaxed in the knowledge that I had studied with a great tutor, and that I had prepared to the best of my ability. Needless to say, I passed the Bar Exam after studying with Daniel. I would recommend him highly to anyone who wants to get serious about taking the exam, and anyone who is looking for a personalized, hands-on approach to studying for the Bar. Thanks Daniel!!!”

Linn Gillen, Esq.

“I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone looking for a Bar exam tutor. I took BarBri and PMBR to prepare for my first attempt at the Bar exam. When I found out I didn’t pass, I started shopping around for a private tutor. I found Daniel to be highly qualified and trustworthy. He is both professional and approachable, as well as extremely clear on what you need to do to accomplish your goal. He was able to do something neither of those commercial programs could do: hone in on my problem areas. While we were working together he was open to helping me in all areas where I felt I needed help.

Right off the bat, I needed someone to show me how to allocate my study time. Daniel devised a personalized schedule designed for my strengths and weaknesses. The schedule was much more manageable than BarBri’s ‘Pace Program.’ It made me feel like passing the Bar was a goal I could reach. He was also very good at keeping my motivated while I studied. I got so much out of our sessions; he went through every essay I wrote for him sentence by sentence!! I received individualized attention and a very honest opinion from him. I can’t say enough good things about Daniel. He is a straight-shooter in the dodgy market of Bar exam tutors.”

Rachael Seymour, Esq.

“Working with Daniel was definitely a key factor in my passing the Bar Exam. He was very professional and organized. He gave me the support and confidence I needed to tackle my problem areas. I was having the most problems with the Performance Exams and found it extremely helpful for him to go through each exam with me and specifically identify what was lacking in my answers and why. Each week he would provide a one page outline specifying what things he saw as recurring problems and what tactics we had discussed to best deal with these issues most efficiently. I found his outlines to be very personalized and helpful and I utilized them in my last two weeks of review before the exam.

Another excellent aspect about Daniel is that he was always available when I needed him to be and willing to help me work through things I did not understand. I could definitely count on him and never felt as if he were too busy with other students to give me the help I needed. The most important thing for me was that Daniel was very supportive and if something was not working for me he was quick to come up with a different approach and never got frustrated with me. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking personalized tutoring services for the Bar Exam.”

Passing the California bar exam is a great accomplishment. However some students find they need one on one tutoring for the California bar exam. So if you failed the California bar exam, or have yet to take it for the first time, I am here to help you prepare to pass the California bar exam.</p>
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